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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Your children are what they eat
My son likes to eat Pop-Tarts and I cannot lie, I do too. That is until today. After reviewing the ingredient list and the overall nutritional content of .......

Almost anything you feed your children. Read and research the ingredients. Shop around the outside of the store. Buy fresh when possible. Whole grain toast with  jam is much better than a poptart. Get up in time in the morning to put together a simple breakfast. Use a rice cooker to cook oatmeal or other hot cereals while dressing.  Let the children work the toaster and spread the jam. My mom always described poptarts as two pieces of cardboard with sugar in between them. Yes, they are convenient.....but so is a half of a peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread. You pay for that convenience. 

Be courageous yourself when you are trying new foods. Ok, maybe you never liked carrots, but try them different ways. Steamed, grated in a salad, mixed with pineapple, put into muffins, etc. Get creative! As a parent, you are now educating your kids for a better world. 
Cook as a group.  Get excited. Emphasize colors when you set the table. Have fun!