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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am back!

Inspired by my friend, Heidi, who has her own blog to make a puppet a day, I know I need to return and write about the class. We have nine boys now. Whew! One came with an assistant. Thank you. The other newest is quite verbal and quiet.

Still waiting on two FAPT meetings......these things take so long to happen! But the good news is: KJ. He peeled two oranges on Friday. This is such a great fine motor task! Lunchtime in the cafeteria is rather disturbing because the food is bad, the custodians rush you, and the general education kids go berserk because no adult sits with them. I manage to find food for my very picky eaters, admittedly, it might only be a mayonnaise sandwich. KJ had two oranges or tangerines. I started them for him and remarkably, he continued to peel. Then he actually ate them!  Later, bathroom went well for him till he realized in the class he had had an accident. This is real progress. The fact he recognized that he was wet. He is so into his own world. 

Things just come slowly. Adults have to be extra patient. Ah, yes, vitamin B12 helps me with staying calm.

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