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Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little bit of dirt....

The other day my little Marcus got off the bus and went over to his spot in the dirt to wait for the others. Several adults passed by, each one telling him in one way or another to get up so he wouldn't soil his pants, etc. I, the teacher, ignored the other adults and went over and sat beside him to see what he was doing. This little boy was observing nature at its best. He was watching ants entering and leaving a tiny hole in the ground. I let him be after encouraging his efforts.

My question is this: since when has it become wrong for a child to sit on the ground? Is this not what children's jeans are for? They are tough pants. Children should not have to worry about messing up their clothes while playing and observing nature.

So to all the little Marcuses out there, please, go ahead: look at ants, follow worms, dig in the dirt, pick wildflowers, and discover the beauties of the wonderful planet called Earth!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Ms. Horsely hopefully this story is a little reminder for people because you do get so used to wanting your children to look a certain way for whatever the reason and get upset when they get a lil dirt on it..Im guilty of doing this myself and this story definitely was a wakeup for me to realize its not about what you always dont care, all they know is they have on shoes, a shirt, and pants etc. they dont know who its made by whether or not its expensive all kids wanna do is have fun. Love you Marcus(mommie)

Mary Horsley said...

Don't forget to shop at those secondhand stores.....the clothes are great, the price is good, and they are great for messy play.