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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On Being Alone

There...I said it. I am alone. Alone without family, alone without a team, alone without friends. I seem to just rub people the wrong way. Call it passion, but I take pride in developing activities for my students. I wonder what someone else would do.....would they make everyone sit at desks all morning and color? I try to work individually with kids or in small groups. The assistant has to keep the children in order. She has to not get so wrapped up in what she is doing that she isn't watching. Academics have to be done in the morning because they are tired after lunch.

But no one understands....I have no team. People wonder why I don't work in a team well. It is because I have never done it.....ever. I am always by myself, the lone class. I want to work with a staff with whom I can discuss issues.

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