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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Childhood Obesity, good nutrition

Ok. We hear it everday. Children are fatter. We have to figure out why. Or maybe the question is this: we need to listen to what's happening. Our children don't play ( I had 3....that's 1, 2, 3 recesses in elementary school). Our children drink Hawaiian Punch and Coke, filled with high fructose cornsyrup......oh, hfc is safe in small amounts. Yeah, right.....the problem is, it is in everything! That isn't small amounts. We have to get the junk food out of school.....oh, you mean close the school lunch programs, right? Because school lunches for the most part are no longer freshly cooked, they are processed in a factory and just warmed up at school. It is a fact that processed food is full of bad oils, soy products, high fructose, and sugar.

Children don't get home cooking anymore because most people hate to cook. Cutting Home Economics, both parents working, and convenience fast food has almost deleted cooking out of our lives. Give a kid a choice between a Big Mac and a bowl of Vegetable Soup, they will likely pick the first one.

Colas and sweet juice are the drinks of the day. Milk is shelf ready which actually means that it lacks any nutrition and has to have vitamins added. We give children fat-free milk though brains need good whole fats in order to develop properly.

Butter and whole milk have long been forgotten.

And yet, Michelle Obama and others wonder what we can do.......

Maybe a bit of returning to old fashioned ways would be the answer.

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