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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Memories......I couldn't remember my password today. Too many passwords are in my brain, I guess. I know I haven't written for a few days, but when you are tired, have IEPs due, and you just can't think, blogs are the last thing one wants to do.

I went to a Reading First workshop today. Some good information so far.  However, I realize how very unique my boys with ID and Autism are. Sure, their wires are crossed, but their skills are great in some ways. Take the second grader who loves lists of nouns......I challenge any other second grader to list as many addresses by heart as he can and spelled correctly! He is quite amazing. And sly, too. His assistant was absent one day and those cuss words came trickling back. Boy, is he the smart one! I can get away with anything today with these women. I am trying to turn him onto verbs and adjectives now. Then teach him how to write a sentence on his own. This takes time.

What about that nonverbal boy, 4th grade, who others classify as "plateaued", not interested in pictures? Just yesterday, he was looking at the Foxhound page in Carole Marsh's "Virginia" Coloring book and acting out all the pictures. Maybe he just doesn't like her pics.....

My teaching comes from my memories........the fourth grade teacher, Judy Jurkovic. We wrote a play. We did a puppet show. We created a relief map of California. We had 3 recesses. There were no computers, few movies, no free breakfast or free lunch to get in the way. We went to school and we worked and played.

And who could forget all those snakes who came to visit in third grade? Our children need rich experiences. How can they just muddle through words without pictures in their mind to associate with their reading?

How can teachers who attend a workshop just throw all their recyclables in the trash? Aren't we supposed to be modeling correct behaviors?

It just never gets better. The problem is, I would go to the workshop if they didn't pay me.

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Anonymous said...

Found your link on Apraxialist. :-)

My son(High-Functioning Autism/ADHD/Phonological disorder) and oldest daughter (regular ed, but had speech errors) went to an elem. with Reading First. I have to say that while my daughter reads wonderfully, my son was hard pressed to deal with this program. He started K knowing how to read (taught himself via computer games of all things and a spelling flip-card book), but having to have 2.5 hrs. solid of lit. was agony and his aide had to give him frequent breaks. It was nice in theory, but the elem. has dropped the program now due to many parents, kids, and teachers feeling frustrated by the loss of science, art, etc. It was really hard for them to incorporate those into the curriculum. I hope it will go better for you.