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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog's Day

    Well, my little Groundhog who usually goes to school today didn't get to see his shadow. It was the second day of snow absence we had this week. Tomorrow we are still out. I am getting work done what with progress reports, movies, and psychologicals, it is never a dull moment.
    This morning as aI drove down a street that was cleared of snow, I passed by the men in the yellow hats with their big snow clearing machines. I couldn't help think that they must really enjoy their jobs because  its immediate result and the power that running such a machine gives a person. Then I wondered, how many of these guys may have played with little replicas of the big machines as children,  pushing them around their  sand boxes? So many  adults find that when we can reach into our past experiences our jobs become so much easier. This is the very reason behind play as a child: to gain experience, learn new things, and discover who we want to be by testing out all the possibilities. A vet may have loved animals and played with stuffed ones as a child. A doctor's favorite toy may have been a toy medical kit. A chef may have loved the cooking center. Construction guys may have delighted in the block areas.
    But what will today's children draw upon? Their ability to play a video game? Sure, if they all become computer software technicians. If we take away the toys, we take away their dreams.

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