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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another day......

    Today, I continued with the sentence lessons reviewing and introducing the shape pictures that relate to the grammar words. I really think I am onto something here. I wish I had the Montessori 3D shapes. I have always believed in the Montessori Materials and now that I teach kids with such adaptive needs, I can see the value in how hands-on they are. We worked on the concept of pronoun: I, he, she, you. This is a difficult one, but I won't give up. Even the two who are non-verbal, I treat them like they really understand it, making sure they do at least one thing they know they can do like say "I" or point to "I".  Sometimes, it seems it is totally a work in progress.....each day, each moment, something new.

   Writing on the board went super today. One boy has gotten star making down, another can draw a bus, and a third is learning to draw a face. I am ecstatic over this .......since most cannot do any kind of representative drawings. My OT had suggested this drawing on a vertical surface and I have finally figured out how to fit it in. I no longer am stuck on doing calendar. Circle time signifies a coming together before lunch to jump, draw, write, sing, and move. It is a relaxed time and I am loving it. The trampoline is out. I put the music on. I pass out some markers. There is no fussing! I just wish I didn't have to beg my assistants to stand up and move too. It is so important to show enthusiasm and have fun! The kids know when one is genuine and enthusiastic. They respond in turn. I am trying to figure how to convey to my other adults the value of real play experiences. Every child needs this. When I hear the adults talking and holding conversation, I wonder, "why can't they talk like that with the kids?"

   Later, before I left for the evening, I had a assistant principal had some little toys from a leftover Christmas bag and asked me if the kids would like them. Lego car and plane? You bet....this particular woman is absolutely the best and really looks out for my class. It made me feel really good. She really makes life bearable in my job.

  I am becoming much calmer as I proceed through the day. I don't worry so much about what others are doing. I am really trying to go with the flow.

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