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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My First Blog

Ok, best psychotherapist in Richmond, I did it. I set up a blog. Now, what should I say tonight? Well, I will make it quick for I still have to write an IEP before I go to bed.
How do we learn? I learn sporadically, every day some new trick. Today, here is what I observed from what from now on will be referred to as "the boys". "The boys" are ages 7 to almost 11. Their disabilities range from Multiple Disability which inevitably includes Autism, OHI, OCD; Intellectual Disability; Communication Disorder; and Savant Autism (kind of made the last one up, but it fits). Oh, the Autisms also include two forms of Hyperlexia. How we can name our kids and what we see as different from the norm.
I strayed here. What I learned is: learning how to interact with others is far more important than being on the computer alone; puppets can attract interest and be tools of the hand for developing fine motor skills; draw a line with a marker around a picture and it is easier to cut out; and do one small task at a time. Waiting is a virtue. We all need to learn how to wait, wait on others, wait for the bus, wait to speak, and wait for a response.
I want to find validation in my life. I want to know that during my time here on this planet Earth, I worked hard and accomplished many things.

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