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Monday, January 25, 2010

By myself

It is funny that when my assistants are sick and I am by myself, the boys prove what they know by following the routine of the day with little trouble. Today was no different. I pulled the Internet cords, steered them away from the computers, and interactions began to happen. At circletime, while one was jumping to the music, four were at the whiteboard drawing and writing. They are learning to use their hands which are so essential to life.

After lunch, we watched a movie, "I Can Read," and took turns writing the sight words. Maybe if we do this daily, we will eventually get it.

Afterschool, I happened by a kindergarten room to really realized that kindergarten children just don't play anymore.There were no toys in the rooms. This truly saddens me. When did we grow up our children?

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Anonymous said...

OK Mary - Never give up. Get this into the hands of every special needs teacher in the state. Link up with your professional organization for contacts. Send it to your legislators, the students' parents, the school board. Austism is big news this Assembly - who is your lobbyist?